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You can now grow in your life…

working with a Sassy Support from the convenience of your own home. Improve your mental health conveniently and affordably! You'll get matched with a licensed therapist or life coach and receive ongoing support via secure messaging and live video sessions.

We’re so glad you’re ready to get started.

We’ll help you be your best self in every aspect of your life. This year has shown us, with a big mirror, who we are. Many issues after the global pandemic have been magnified. You can trust The Sassy Shrink to dig in gently, listen to your fears, and show you how to live life more fully, more authentically, and more fulfilled.

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We are women for women

We are supporting relationships, fostering self-love, enhancing careers, healing the body.

Choose your support, customize your wellness, create a life worthy of you.

The Sassy Shrink is an online practice

Providing focused, comprehensive coaching and counseling sessions in Pennsylvania. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will assess your needs for overall wellness and work to support you on your journey to better health and mental well-being.

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As a licensed professional counselor...

I’m passionate about my work and making meaningful positive connections. My goal is to provide people with tools to support living a satisfying and fulfilling life. Especially now more than ever, with everyone forced to change their lifestyle and perspective due to the pandemic, we can work on re-establishing your new “normal”. Together let’s find life's new balance with gratitude and grace.

- Jaclyn Borgia, Founder of The Sassy Shrink

Are you ready for change? Do you want personal responsibility?

Connect with The Sassy Shrink to customize your wellness. Let us help you choose quality support that suits you best!