Attachment Styles

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Was Freud right when he blamed the mother?

Do you have a difficult relationship with your parents?

So much of who we are and how we feel goes back to how our parents loved us, treated us, comforted us, and raised us. Humans are social creatures, connection and love woven into the literal fabric of our DNA. Psychology giants Mary Ainsworth and John Bowlby, deemed the discoverers of the phenomena of attachment, made things easy for us when developing how this understanding of human connection is born.

There are four different styles of attachment:

  • Secure - To have a secure and safe bond with your parents means they were warm, kind, and loving; they showed you warmth and made you feel safe when life was scary and unpredictable.
  • Anxious/Ambivalent - As a young person, you learned that life was out of your control, and your parents or caregivers were not consistently there for you; they may have struggled to comfort you, allowing you to feel loved and safe.
  • Avoidant - This kind of bond suggests that you felt you were not a priority to your parents, and they often overlooked your needs. You may have difficulty trusting others because you cannot count on your primary caregivers. It could be challenging to find healthy, loving relationships as an adult.
  • Disorganized - If your parents were distant, unloving, or absent from your life early on, you might have difficulty forming strong and healthy relationships and attachments to others. This bond between baby and caregiver is unreliable, often proving to the child that the world is self-serving, not here to help you.

Are one of these styles resonating with you?

Are you ready to explore your parental bonds and how they affect your relationships today?

The clinicians and coaches at The Sassy Shrink understand attachment theory and are prepared to support you in discovering your attachment style. In adulthood, there is power in understanding how attachment influences anxiety and depression, how it gave birth to defense mechanisms, and how it is a barrier to your success today. We will teach you to:

  • Identify attachment patterns
  • Develop attachment coping strategies
  • Create new attachment perspectives
  • Practice setting attachment boundaries to protect you

Call us now at The Sassy Shrink to re-establish your sense of attachment and how you connect with others in the world. We want you to feel safe and stable in all human connections!

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