Get Help for Your Depression

Woman feeling depressed. She needs help from a therapist to cope with strong feelings of depression.

Are you wondering if you are clinically depressed?
Are you struggling with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and dread?

Depression is commonly understood as a serious medical diagnosis regarding mood, thought, and behavior. It can also be treated and managed, as depression is not associated with a permanent disease or stigmatized labels. Even the New York Times highlights the impact of the global pandemic on our collective mental health, as it continues to rage on and create very real anxiety and depression. We are all susceptible to a touch of depression.

Identifying Your Level of Depression

Depression may affect your functioning at home and work, as well as affect your relationships. Working with a qualified Sassy therapist specifically can help you identify what you are experiencing, if it is depression, and teach you how to make a change. Together, we can explore symptoms of depression and how they manifest in the brain and body.

Depression sits in your body and can affect physical functioning and alter your engagement with loved ones. You may be disinterested in previous favorite activities, lacking the motivation to play with your toddler, and confused about your next steps in life. Check out the American Psychiatric Association for a complete understanding of clinical depression according to the DSM 5.

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The Desire to Live Life Happier

You may also recognize that you deserve better and are willing to work for better. Together, with an experienced therapist, you can work towards an understanding. A Sassy Shrink therapist and coach can help you work through the following:

  • Sadness versus Grief
  • Risk Factors for Depression
  • Related DSM 5 Conditions
  • Treatment + Management
  • Self Help
  • Medication as a Tool

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