Nutrition + Mental Health

nutrition + MH

Food and Mood: Is there a connection?

Are you wondering if your diet is affecting your mental health?

There is a direct correlation between what you eat and how you feel, think, and behave. Many articles, trendy blogs, and psychoeducational sites lend relevant information to your every nutrition question. Society is well versed today on the effects of processed foods with sugars, chemicals, hormones; you name it. Depression and anxiety specifically include a food element, meaning these intense emotions/diagnoses can contribute to the struggle to eat with balance.

All of the unhealthy ingredients in food today influence how we operate. You are what you eat! Or at least you feel what you eat!

Are you scared to be vulnerable in your relationships?

Is unhealthy eating your fault?

It may not be your fault. Many of us are not taught to eat healthily and mindfully, nor are we taught to appreciate food as fuel for our dynamic bodies. You may rely on convenience, affordability, and speed in your adult life. Who cares about health when you're broke, starving, and need to fill your belly now!? 

It can be a much easier choice…

To drive through the fast-food joint when you're ravenous after a work shift than to pre-plan the healthier meal two days before. It can be EASIER to say yes to friends and the massive mound of nachos, although you already ate, than to muster up the courage to say no and potentially disappoint the crew. It's just easier sometimes to make the unhealthier choice to curb your anxiety. Poverty, mental illness, obesity, medications all play a factor in overall physical health and nutrition. 

Unhealthy eating makes you feel shame and regret, hurting your body and positive mental health. Think about it:

  • Missing Meals = a likely drop in blood sugar and missing essential nutrients = the likelihood for irritability, lack of focus, fatigue, struggle to concentrate, headaches, and more = you're mad at yourself for forgetting to eat and now, suffering from a migraine.
  • Overeating or Stuffing = possible bloating, cramps, discomfort = the likelihood for loss of focus, fixation on body image, indigestion = you feel disgusted with yourself and are shameful.
  • Avoiding entire Food Groups like Dairy as Example = missing key minerals, vitamins, super ingredients from superfoods = low energy, drop-in mood = possible fixation on what you "can't have"
  • A Lifestyle of Carbs = causes blood sugars to spike and drop, the risk for diabetes, and other preventative diseases = potential irritability, difficulty focusing, a quick change in mood = lack of awareness, shame, and frustration with self.

The Sassy Shrink clinicians and coaches will show you new perspectives about nutrition that benefit your overall mental health. Our therapists aim to support and transform your understanding and development of a healthy relationship with food and exercise. Our Health Coach Erika strives to collaborate with you to develop lifestyle choices that allow for satisfaction. 

We are NOT a weight loss program or dietitians. We are NOT specialists in Eating Disorders. For additional resources regarding food and the relationship to mental health, please see these various sites:

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