Self-Esteem + Shame

Do you feel secure in who you are?

Do you want to achieve self acceptance?

When addressing this combination in session, you can expect to learn the origin of shame, the difference between guilt and shame, and how to build self confidence and esteem. Your work with The Sassy Shrink will allow for development of awareness and worth, understanding of self image and application of self love and care.

Do you wish you felt better about yourself?

Do you want to love yourself?

Self-care and love are not just trendy today, but necessary for overall wellness and reaching potential. We will teach you to honor your feelings, own your truths and live life with satisfaction. Our professional coaches can help you be better at the things that are holding you back professionally and in your personal life.

  • Social Life
  • Work Life
  • Worth
  • Efficacy
  • Age
  • Health
  • Personality
  • Boundaries
  • Needs
  • Experiences

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We’re ready to help you be your best self, in every aspect of your life! You can trust The Sassy Shrink to dig in gently, listen to your fears, and show you how to live life more fully, more authentically, and more fulfilled.