Individual and Couples Online Therapy Sessions

Are you struggling with your mental health?
Have you considered working with a therapist or coach?

The Sassy Shrink is a group of highly experienced female therapists and coaches available virtually, online. We provide individual and couples virtual therapy sessions, working on the areas that impact your life. We’re here to support your growth in working through problematic events and barriers.

We have many therapists and coaches who focus on mental health and well-being. What area of work do you need help in?

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Attachment + Codependency
Career + Vocation
Chronic Pain + Mental Health
Grief + Loss
Managing Stress

Nutrition + Mental Health
Performance Coaching + Productivity
Self-Esteem + Shame
Self Harm + Sabotage
Time Management
Trauma + PTSD
Wellness + Healthy Lifestyle

Top Mental Health Therapy Services

A Sassy Shrink therapist will gently walk with you into your past to seek opportunities, to uncover and discover. Therapy works to address impactful experiences with a mixture of appropriate techniques and encourages practicing new skills.

You can anticipate feeling comfortable and safe on our virtual and modern version of Freud’s couch. Together, we can hope to understand how you got “here” through tears and laughter at your pace.


Destress and Decompress with Experienced Life Coaching Experts

Focused and motivated, you’re ready for coaching when you visualize the goal line. Whether you’re gearing up for a job interview, change of career, or determined to love yourself and build self-esteem, your Sassy coach will be with you every step of the way.

This relationship is about brainstorming, honest feedback, and collaboration. It will require you to be an integral part of the process since you are at the center of your success. Coaching allows us to teach you what you need to learn and cheer you on while applying it. Your goals become your coach’s, and we have your back every step of the way.

Are you Seeking Supervision for Licensure?

Are you a recent master’s level graduate seeking supervision for licensure? Supervision is best described by the American Psychological Association, which allows our qualified licensed therapists to serve as gatekeepers into psychology in the experience of the supervisee. Supervision allows us to provide supportive entry into the mental health field while protecting the public through mentorship as you learn, grow, make mistakes, and triumph. Ask about our licensed Sassy staff if you are seeking supervision to be a LPC or LCSW/LSW.

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We’re ready to help you be your best self, in every aspect of your life! You can trust The Sassy Shrink to dig in gently, listen to your fears, and show you how to live life more fully, more authentically, and more fulfilled.

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