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time management

Would you benefit from another hour in the day?
Is it challenging to balance your time evenly?

Many people struggle with time management. You are not alone. Acknowledging the toxic culture we currently live in, it is challenging to manage time “appropriately” when our country is suffering tremendously and in different ways daily. The meaning of time and how you choose to spend yours may be taking on new meaning.

In your world, you may be spending time raising young children, clocking in daily at your 9-5 job, commuting by train, or Zooming by tablet. You may be experiencing anxiety when picturing being late to a meeting. You could be feeling like a failure when staring at the laundry piles, wondering how you’ll find the time to fold it AND put it away. You would be justified if you asked yourself, “where did the time go?” when reflecting on the to-do that didn’t get done.

Balancing time among obligations and preferred activities was challenging before the pandemic created more barriers. Could you use some help with better managing your time and priorities?

You can learn to manage your time with satisfaction.

The Sassy Shrink understands time management as an opportunity to control your time on chosen activities. Think control + choice = management; and YOU are holding the controller/console to the game that is your life, with complete access to your next move.

As we move through this challenging time and consider ourselves still mid pandemic, life certainly has changed, and you may be reassessing how you spend your time. It may have been much easier to balance work with play pre-pandemic. You may have been a master at your routine, had extra support, and even enjoyed your life.

Do you want to change how you spend your time?
Do you wish you could get time “back”?

We’re Experienced Time Management Coaches + Therapists.

Our professional female therapists and coaches practice what they preach and are ready to identify with your struggles. We can help you be better at what is holding you back professionally and in your personal life.

  • Procrastination
  • Prioritization
  • Incentive + Reward
  • Awareness
  • Tips and tricks
  • Time boundaries
  • Adaptation
  • Mastery + Appreciation

Do you feel like you are running out of time to do everything you want to do? Do you need support changing your routine?

time management
time management

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