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Monica P.

The Sassy Shrink is fantastic- Jaclyn got me set up quickly with Erika to focus on my struggle with weight loss, and I’m already feeling more like myself! These ladies are serious about what they do and fun with it. Definitely recommend!

Mandy R

“Give yourself a pat on the back today if you haven’t already! I don’t know if I’d have any wins right now without you, Rebecca!!”

Sandra L

“I tell you [Sam] things because I know I can’t tell anyone else. You never judge and it’s always ok to be myself here.”

Susan E

“I have never felt better in my own skin thanks to Erika.”

Marcy R

“I am amazed at how much better I feel knowing I don’t have to do this alone anymore. Samanatha is my biggest cheerleader!”

Melissa A

“Working with Janika has me thinking about things I never knew were possible. I know she believes in me and I trust her to get me there.”

Diane K

“After a few weeks in counseling, I already feel different. Talking with Ellen has given me a new outlook on life.”

Mindy P

“I use the techniques that Rebecca taught me every day. She really showed me how to listen to my body and show myself kindness.”

Debbie K

“She [Ellen] makes talking about anxiety easy, reminding me that it’s normal and so am I.”

Robin and Dave, R

“Our marriage is better than ever thanks to Janika.”

Alison M

“Through counseling, I learned about my love language and needs. Working with Janika as my coach is now helping me apply those things for results, I never expected!”

Hilary L

“In counseling, I have learned how to control my emotions and explain myself better to my friends and family. Jaclyn helped me figure out the right things to say and my relationships today are better for it.”

Rose B

“It’s her facial expressions. She’s real in session and I know I can be myself too.”

Judy W

“I highly recommend working with Jaclyn. She’ll make you laugh and explain things in a way you can understand.”

Jordan M

“I’ve been working with Jaclyn on and off for almost 5 years. She welcomes me back with a joke and smile every time, and I don’t feel judged or silly for ‘being back in therapy.’”

Linda S

“As a therapist myself, I know working with Jaclyn is something special. It’s been life changing to know she understands and practices these things too.”

Paula N

“The first 10 minutes of our first session, I knew I made the right choice [choosing to work with Jaclyn].”

Britney C

“My life is so much better since being in counseling. I think everyone should talk to someone like Jaclyn and have that opportunity to turn things around.”

Olivia P

“She [Jaclyn] remembers the little things I share. I actually feel important.”

Carol T

“You are the best cheerleader on the planet, and it’s so helpful for someone who can’t cheer for themselves most days.”

Molly O

“Virtual connection has been a game changer during this crazy time in my life. It’s so easy to meet with Erika right from my living room.”