Do you struggle with anxious thoughts?

Often misunderstood, anxiety is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as quite normal, alerting you to danger. Our physical bodies respond to the perception of danger with a hastened heart beat, bouncy legs, and sweaty palms as examples. When you become aware of danger or a potential threat, you have the opportunity and choice to prepare and act. Read our blog about anxiety to learn more about its healthy benefits.

What are you afraid of? What causes anxiety?

Do anxiety and fear keep you from living the life you want? 

Anxiety differs from fear however, as anxiety can be to excess, irrational, and even detrimental. Fear means danger is occurring right now, most likely with threat to your physical body; Anxiety insinuates fear is coming or is in the future, charging right for your emotions, mental state, and even spirituality. Such anxiety becomes disordered or concerning when it keeps you from living the life you want to. Simple functioning and real success can be greatly affected when anxious emotions are in control.

Social fears like judgment and rejection
Generalized, persistent and daily
Separation from loved ones
Situational, known triggers at work or home
Post Traumatic Stress
Lack of Coping Skills
Panic Disorders, physical body responses
Identity Formation
Death + Grief
Specific Phobias like animals, objects, places
Health + Medical
Environment, Weather, Nature

Anxiety and the Pandemic
You are not alone, and the intensity of your anxiety directly connected to the global pandemic is normal. We are all facing new stressors as much as continuing to battle the old ones. Some of us are learning patience and grace; some are surviving while others are thriving in new circumstances. The world has suffered tremendously in the last 2 years, and you are a part of that culture, navigating new normal to the best of your ability.

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Click here to learn more from Medical News Today about current research and perspective. Click here to access Frontiers From Psychology and more information about the influence of COVID on anxiety.

Anxiety and Depression: A Partnership
Anxiety and depression share similar symptoms and physical reactions in the body. They can even trigger each other, appearing to feel a part of one massive panic attack or “mental breakdown.” Judgment of self and others can contribute to the dance between anxious and depressive feelings. Read our blog about judgment to understand its connection to shame in childhood and how to use self-love as a holistic medication.

Call us now to kick anxiety to the curb with your trusted allies by your side! The Sassy Shrink can work with you to normalize feelings of anxiety, harness it, and use it for forces of good instead of evil. Addressing anxiety in therapy will allow for digging into the past and understanding the nature of the anxiety while working with a coach will teach you to smash anxiety to smithereens with strong skills and confidence in you.

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