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Have you been told you're clingy or needy?

Are you often making choices to please other people?

Codependency is a reciprocal relationship where one person is "needed" and the other is "needy." It is normal to have needs, to want things from your partner and the important people in your circle; however, a connection of this kind can be unhealthy and extreme. Codependency demonstrates an imbalance in the relationship (whether platonic or romantic), as only one person is taken care of. The other is purely providing care and most likely suffering from doing so.

Are you scared to be vulnerable in your relationships?

You may be in a partnership or working relationship that doesn't create space for you or your needs. This can be detrimental to your growth, and some call it abusive. The Sassy Shrink can work with you to identify signs of codependency in your relationships, whether you are the enabler or the enabled. Our highly qualified and compassionate therapists and coaches can help you understand your role in the codependent connection.

Codependency shows up in all types of relationships:

  • Lovers
  • Partners
  • Friends
  • Parent + Child
  • Co-Parents
  • Siblings
  • Coworkers
  • Employee + Employer
  • Ex's
  • Strangers

Codependency comes in many shapes and forms:

  • Staying in a partnership that does not make you happy
  • Taking the extra shift at work despite being exhausted and needing the time to sleep
  • Ignoring your values to go along with the groups' wishes
  • Difficulty making decisions for fear of judgment from others
  • Sacrificing your free time to help a friend, although you really need that time for you

Do you want to feel safe and secure in your close relationships?
Are you ready to address your fears with your loved ones and friends?

The clinicians and coaches at The Sassy Shrink will support you in breaking the people-pleasing cycle, as it is a form of self-sabotage. When we let others' needs come before our own, we actively choose self-harm to our detriment. This is poison to a healthy relationship.

Do you want to understand codependency and how it shows up in your life?
Are you ready and willing to break the cycle of abuse?

Call us now at The Sassy Shrink to uncover the nature of your codependent relationships! We believe that boosting self-esteem, fostering true confidence, and developing a strong sense of self will combat the unhealthy "need" to please others and neglect ourselves in the process.

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