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Women with their fingers pointing down to show No Judgement to others.

How Can I Stop Judging Myself and Others?

How Can I Stop Judging Myself and Others? In therapy, we look at thoughts and beliefs that affect our feelings and behaviors in hurtful or maladaptive ways.  If there are frequent inner put-downs, of course, it’s going to affect self-esteem and confidence.  The ‘tone’ of critical thought can vary from helpful and instructive to vicious…

a group of women celebrating life and the new year.

Engage Celebration of Life Week

As the New Year begins, so does “Celebration of Life Week” and the opportunity for mindfulness and gratitude. This is a time to embrace what’s coming while appreciating what is currently here. The last 2 years specifically have been trying, to say the least. Celebrate Your Life in the New Year Resolutions can bring unnecessary…

Girl feeling lonely around the holidays

Combating Loneliness During The Holidays

Dealing with loneliness around the holidays can be challenging. Perhaps equal parts exciting and dreadful, it’s December and officially, holiday season. Some of us are cultivating new traditions and drinking eggnog by the gallons while others are mourning the old favorites and loved ones lost. Many folks are in distress preparing to be with family…

Human Rights Day

6 Simple Ways To Practice Humanity

Kindness and compassion are human qualities that we all should embrace. Today is Human Rights Day, commemorating when the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Spreading genuine kindness and practicing humanity are so important. There are 30 basic human rights reserved for all. We all deserve to be celebrated,…

Cannibas Professor podcast blog image

Respected Therapist Jaclyn Borgia interviewed by The Cannabis Professor

Listen to mental health wellness therapist Jaclyn Borgia, as she appears on The Cannabis Professor podcast. Is weed a gateway drug? Does cannabis increase sexual promiscuity? When cannabis becomes federally legalized, what will you do? Check out the latest episode of The Cannabis Professor on Apple Podcasts, as Jaclyn joins Scott in discussing cannabis and…

Jaclyn Borgia, Therapist The Sassy Shrink

Pioneering Therapist Jaclyn Borgia Interviewed by Bucks County Courier Times

In today’s culture, especially with the worldwide pandemic, more and more people are in need of counseling services to help with interpersonal challenges. Job loss. Illness. Vaccination hesitancy. These are all real emotional concerns now that people are dealing with. Jaclyn Borgia of The Sassy Shrink was recently interviewed by Damon Williams, a reporter at…

Career Coaching for women

National Career Development Day

Let’s pause today to celebrate and acknowledge the blood, sweat, and tears women pour into their jobs and careers every day. You deserve to be celebrated. Kudos to you! Are you thinking about changing careers? Do you have job satisfaction? The Sassy Shrink are top career coaches for women. Give us a call. We’ll help…

Self care tips for the workplace

10 Ways To Practice Self Care In the Workplace

November is National Career Development Month, highlighting the celebration of attaining career goals with career related activities. The Sassy Shrink is zoning in on how to be productive and kick booty in the workforce, by taking care of YOU and your needs.  Here are 10 ways to practice self-care in the workplace: Use your PTO.…

create the life you want to know

Create The Life You Want Now!

When sitting on a crowded park bench, looking around and waiting for a fairytale moment, you may realize no one on a white horse is coming to save you. No one is preparing to scoop you off your feet and take you to the paradise you’ve always wanted. Why are you waiting for this fictitious…

Brave woman keeps arms on hips

Anxiety: Can it be good for me?

Fast heartbeat. Sweaty palms. Racing thoughts. How could this be a good thing?If you experience anxiety, you know it can come on like a tidal wave, randomly, and maybe without your permission. It can also be there all the time, feeling like an old sweater you put on every day. Common symptoms of anxiety include:…

Asian woman drinking red wine

Are You Taking Enough Time for You?

Remember to be good to yourself. So often, women are always doing for everyone else and lose themselves along the way. Take some time for yourself, pour a glass of wine, find a quiet place to read a book, schedule a massage, or just lounge in a tub of bubbles. It’s time to pour yourself…

selfcare is not selfish

Draw the Line When it Comes to Self Love

The ultimate choice is you, in every sense of the word. Your decision to draw lines in the sand is a statement to yourself and your environment that you are worthy of protection, love, and harmony. As trendy as self-love and care have become, it doesn’t change the hard truth: self-love is a universal and…